Compiling WrenGROGGS

WrenGROGGS uses GNU Autoconf. This means that compilation on most systems is as simple as typing sh ./configure, and then make install.

By default (to comply with general UNIX practice), WrenGROGGS attempts to install itself in /usr/local/wrengroggs/[bin|lib]. If you want it to install itself somewhere else, use :

sh ./configure --prefix=/foo/bar
And WrenGROGGS will attempt to install itself in /foo/bar/[bin|lib]. Please don't just copy the WrenGROGGS executables around - ghelp and gcopying have paths hardwired into the binaries.

The INSTALL file for WrenGROGGS 0.28Beta follows :

WrenGROGGS installation instructions.

WrenGROGGS uses GNU autoconf. However, I'm not very experienced with
GNU autoconf at this point, and I'm on a tight schedule - the autoconf
support will be enhanced in version 0.2.

Basically, the procedure for building WrenGROGGS is :

 -> Edit the file src/config_groggs.h if you wish - this contains
    run-time configuration parameters. If you're in Cambridge,
    using the standard GROGGS server, and want your default userid(s)
    to be '<csrid>@cam', you don't need to change this.

 -> In this directory, go './configure' (or 'sh ./configure' if you
    use csh). You can pass configure parameters - eg.
    './configure --prefix=<dir>' tells configure to install WrenGROGGS
    under <dir>. <dir>is compiled into some commands (ghelp and
    gcopying), so if you change your mind, you must do a 
    'make clean; make prefix=<dir>' to reset these embedded paths.      

 -> If all is well, autoconf should create some Makefiles and a config.h
    file. Type 'make', and sit back. Ignore any warnings you get.

 -> Did it build successfully ? If so, do 'make install' to install
    it, otherwise try to figure out what went wrong. If you have to
    do anything unusual to compile WrenGROGGS, please email - bear in mind that I probably don't
    have access to the kind of system you're on.

 The current release builds successfully under at least OSF/1, Linux,
Solaris 2.4, SunOS 4.1.3, and DEC Ultrix 4.2 .

 Note that the function of the executable depends on the final component
of the name it is invoked as, so renaming executables will not work.
(also, if you try to install over a distribution, you'll get lots of
errors from the 'ln' commands. Ignore them.)

 Good luck !

Last modified: Fri Nov 3 12:45:12 1995
Richard Watts <>