GROGGS was originally a discussion board on the University of Cambridge's IBM mainframe (click here for more details). When the mainframe (PHOENIX) was finally turned off in September 1995 (there's a film of this, but it's 4MB long), GROGGS moved to a more distributed system. More information is available at the official GROGGS home page.

The other bulletin board system, ZINQUE, has (possibly) died with PHOENIX. (Parts of) it may one day be resurrected as either ZINQUE III, or possibly CROWS (the Cambridge Reverse-Ordered Wibbling System).

Archives of ZINQUE as of late August 1995 exist, courtesy of the current editor, Colin Bell. You used to be able to email him as crb11@cam.ac.uk.

A GROGGS client is a program that communicates with one or more of the GROGGS servers (currently, there are two - the 'real' server on rgtp-serv.groggs.group.cam.ac.uk:1431 and a testing server on rtgp-serv.groggs.group.cam.ac.uk:1432).

At the time of writing, greadnew (Ian Jackson's original client written in tcl), and GREED ( Gareth Rees's client written in Emacs lisp) are the only clients fully operational. Others may follow, including an X11 client using Tk which is currently under development.

You can get :

WrenGroggs is a group of RTGP clients written in C for Unix (and similar) systems. WrenGroggs attempts to provide a series of standalone programs for the UNIX command line which are as like the original PHOENIX (PHOENIX was a local language layered over TSO) GROGGS library commands as possible.

Information is available on the following topics :

WrenGROGGS can be obtained via HTTP. WrenGROGGS is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or above or Larry Wall's artistic licence, at your option.

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