WrenGROGGS Option Parsing

WrenGROGGS has a number of configurable options. Most can be set from the command line as options and switches, but it is tedious to have to type them all in every time you issue a command, so some of them are stored in configuration files. These options take the form of specifying such things as your userid, your shared secret, the item you want to reply to, etc. . In general, WrenGROGGS does the following whenever it starts up :
  1. Start off with some defaults.
  2. Read the 'old' configuration file (~/.groggsrc).
  3. Read the 'new' configuration file, and the shared secret files (~/.groggprefs, and ~/.groggsecret).
  4. Try to deduce something about essential options that are not yet set from the environment variables.
  5. Read the command-line options.
  6. Perform the requested command.
If you want to set a certain group of switches or options permanently (/expert is a common one), you can use grogprofile to add them to your 'default options'. These default options are scanned every time you issue a WrenGROGGS command (but are overridden by the command line you type).

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Last modified: Fri Nov 3 12:56:40 1995
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